Master Data Management in Healthcare

Healthcare Just Got Smarter with IBM’s MDM Portfolio

Healthcare MDM wordleBusiness Challenge

Electronic data communication plays an increasingly critical role in the healthcare industry. Accurate and secure information sharing among hospitals, labs and specialists is required both for patient safety and confidentiality and for provider efficiency and consistency in care.

Data security and interoperability between incompatible systems are keys to realizing this smarter, safer and more efficient healthcare ecosystem. And when you add the challenges of external factors, such as new governmental regulations, new health insurance systems and staggering competition in the entire industry, you’ve got a formula for complexity that only the most robust and flexible software solution can solve.


From patient diagnosis to systemic improvements in care delivery, IBM’s InfoSphere portfolio of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions offers the secure and efficient interoperability that healthcare providers need.

InfoSphere MDM is the most proven and powerful MDM solution in the industry, managing master data for single or multiple domains. Its features offer outstanding compatibility and flexibility, high-speed data transfer and advanced data management functionality:

  • Services-oriented architecture allows you to integrate MDM into existing business processes and technical architectures
  • Flexible data models allow you to import existing data models or build data models from scratch
  • Collaborative tasks allow you to setup workflows that reflect existing and new business processes
  • Business process management capabilities enable data stewardship and data governance
  • Policy management ensures high master data quality with its unique approach to monitoring and enforcing policies

Business Impact

Conducive is one of the most experienced InfoSphere delivery organizations in the market today. We offer a full range of services—from full project implementation to product upgrades to custom development—to optimize master data management for healthcare organizations and help deliver:

  • Improved quality of care with secure and private information sharing
  • Advanced analytics to identify opportunities for better patient care
  • Consistent patient experience in different environments (mobile, online, in-person)
  • Ongoing ROI with future integrations