Get Real-Time Insight Into The Health of Your Initiate EMPI​

Get one view of the truth from your EMPI

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations need visibility into the electronic exchange of health-related data among physicians and other care providers, hospitals, health insurance plans and patients.

In order to consolidate this data from disparate systems to get “one view of the truth,” health providers are leveraging an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), a database that maintains consistent, accurate and current medical data on each patient. And for those organizations using IBM’s InfoSphere MDM solutions, Conducive’s EMPI App for Splunk-Initiate Edition offers the tools they need to monitor success rates and historical data, and troubleshoot performance issues and bottlenecks.

The EMPI App for Splunk - Initiate edition allows you to:

  • Get real time insight into the health of your Initiate EMPI
  • View operational statistics and track changes over time
  • Monitor broker performance and problems with real-time visibility into successful and rejected messages
  • Interpret error messages and log files
  • Monitor and troubleshoot performance problems quickly and easily
  • View real-time, historical and performance statistics

The EMPI App for Splunk offers multiple dashboard views into the workings of your EMPI, including member count and duplicate members; entity count and unique entities; the number of transactions that take longer than one minute to process; quick snapshots of broker and engine performance that can be used to determine if anything is abnormal, etc.

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