Encrypt, Restore and Report
on Frozen Splunk Data

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3 Steps To Simplify Archiving Data with Splunk.

Compliance Archiving Lifecycle Management

Conducive helps businesses meet compliance retention requirements for Splunk, throughout the entire data lifecycle, from archiving, to restoration, to retirement.



Meet auditor's requests to easily and quickly restore specific archived data. Easily manage and automate long-term, offline archiving.



Demonstrate and confirm for business users that data is appropriately archived.



 Implement fast, easy and low cost storage/management of compliance data, down to as low as $4 / terabyte / month.

100% Money Back Guarantee

At Conducive we believe that results are the ultimate proof of concept. If you do not get results, you get your money back.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“What we struggled to do in two years using traditional ETL tools, Conducive accomplished in weeks using Splunk”

Existing Customer

- A Fortune 100 Oil Company

“Conducive was able to repurpose existing data to provide real estate utilization metrics, saving the cost of new software”

Existing Customer

- A Large Bank Based in Chicago

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