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Splunk SAP Powerconnect

SAP Power Connect for Splunk opens up SAP data for security, compliance, process monitoring, performance, and more.

Using a tablet with overlay of data connections
SAP Overview
Case Study

US Telecom Provider

“We are using BNW’s PowerConnect© to extract iPhone 10 sales data from our SAP ECC System and correlated the sales information with device activation data from our mobile towers in real-time. The resulting insights helped us to gain a better understanding of our customer buying behavior.

Having started only a few weeks earlier, we got the PowerConnect solution ready for the major sales campaign thanks to rapid deployment option and pre-delivered content of PowerConnect.”

SAP Metric Filter
Case Study

PACT Group

“Powerconnect for Splunk gives us greater insight into the internal operation of SAP both forensically and in real-time. We can see live performance metrics, and also a high level of granularity in historic detail spanning months or years on demand.”


SAP Security and Compliance Dashboard

Security and Compliance

  • Detect successful and failed user login attempts
  • Determine user location
  • Search and correlate system logs for anomaly detection
  • Identify updates to critical information such as bank account details
SAP Process Monitoring Graphs

Process Monitoring

  • Batch job execution IDOC & change
  • Documents processing PI/PO message
  • Processing status of critical business
  • Processes correlation with external business processes
SAP STAD Dashboard

Solution Performance

  • SAP transactions STAD
  • SAP server availability
  • Real-time and historical view of load and response by user, transaction code, or any field
SAP Cloud Migration Dashboard

Cloud Migration

  • Profile application, GUI, and transaction response times before and after migration to ensure SLAs are met
  • Monitor security access logs
  • HANA health & consistency checks
SAP Solutions Dashboard

Integration Monitoring Between SAP and External Systems

  • Use Splunk's correlation capabilities to monitor business process flow from external systems into SAP and back our to external systems
  • Understand how external systems are impacting SAP


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Extract high-fidelity, real-time and historic SAP telemetry data ready for analysis and visualization in Splunk.
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Ours is the only SAP-certified SAP to Splunk connector in the market.
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Start with a pre-built dashboard providing you insights into you SAP solution from day one, and then customize.
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Over 35 SAP data extractors
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Business process monitoring with iControl/Splunk

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