Master Data Management for Government

“Know Thy Citizen”: MDM for a More Efficient and Secure Government

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Granting visas. Dispensing benefits. Solving crimes. Identifying fraud. The list of data-related tasks the government and other public sector organizations are responsible for goes on and on. In fact, reliable, accurate data is the cornerstone of an efficient and effective government that serves its citizens in a timely, reliable and transparent way.

However, the volume of data is staggering, as is the size of the disparate entities—local, regional, national, trans-national—that are storing and using it. Each of these entities has its own methods, systems, processes and context for that data. Managing this data is complex and time-consuming, to say the least.


From identifying and correlating information to save lives and improve public safety, to quickly resolving identities buried in myriad data silos, IBM’s InfoSphere portfolio of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions helps government and public sector organizations create a single, trusted view of data across organizations and systems.

InfoSphere MDM is the most proven and powerful MDM solution in the industry, managing master data for single or multiple domains. Its features offer outstanding compatibility and flexibility, high-speed data transfer and advanced data management functionality:

  • Services-oriented architecture allows you to integrate MDM into existing business processes and technical architectures
  • Flexible data models allow you to import existing data models or build data models from scratch
  • Collaborative tasks allow you to setup workflows that reflect existing and new business processes
  • Business process management capabilities enable data stewardship and data governance
  • Policy management ensures high master data quality with its unique approach to monitoring and enforcing policies

Business Impact

Conducive is one of the most experienced InfoSphere delivery organizations in the market today. We offer a full range of services—from full project implementation to product upgrades to custom development—to optimize master data management for government and the public sector:

  • Reduce costs with more automated processes to more quickly serve citizens
  • Improve quality of service with reliable, error-free transactions
  • Adapt to public safety changes by detecting and managing fraud and security threats
  • Improve information quality and decision making