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Splunk Enterprise Security

Keep data security threats at bay with investigation, intervention, and triage support.

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The Challenge

Cyberattacks can upend your business operations.

Cyberattacks are more prevalent now than ever before. In fact, 62% of firms are being attacked at least weekly, and 45% are experiencing a rise in the number of security threats. But what steps are you taking to prevent, investigate, and respond to security threats?

The more company and customer data you collect, the greater the need to provide one centralized, dependable, and easy-to-navigate data protection security system. 


Experience analytics-driven security.

Prioritizing security means establishing real-time monitoring to anticipate, protect against, and minimize damage from both external and internal threats.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Identify threats and correlate events across IT systems.
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Incident response

Get a complete playbook of our data protection efforts, all in one place.
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User Monitoring

Identify user misuse and potential data breaches.
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Threat Intelligence

Recognize abnormal activity, assess risk, and prioritize response.
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Advanced Analytics

Use machine learning to turn raw data into actionable insights.
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Advanced Threat Detection

Monitor, analyze, and detect potential threats.
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Use Case Library

Support analysts with relevant content that helps detect and respond to threats faster.
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How We Help

We thwart data hacks before they happen. 

Sometimes you need a third party to investigate the data security concerns that are right in front of you but can easily be missed. We help you leverage Splunk's enterprise security operations so you can quickly detect threats, investigate warning signs, and increase your data security analytics at scale. 


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When data security is top of mind, you get peace of mind, too.