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About Us

Meet our team of dedicated experts ready to help you maximize your Splunk operations.

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Who We Are

We provide impeccable customer service with the expertise to match.

Getting our customers across the finish line is our No. 1 objective. With equal parts technical expertise and quality support services, we've got the skills to help our customers get further faster with Splunk data management and optimization. 

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What We Do

We give you actionable insights you can strategize around. 

We're in the business of helping other businesses build better with the right data at their fingertips. Thanks to our tiered consulting services and Conducive Compass, we can get to the heart of the matter quickly so you can know exactly which types of data to focus on, how best to measure results, and, ultimately, how to leverage that data to grow your business.

We've helped hundreds of customers harness the power of Splunk.


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Our Partnerships

Together, we're dedicated to your success.

We've partnered with the best in the business to ensure the highest quality of ongoing Splunk support.

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Conducive is a national systems integrator with Splunk experience, ranging from SMBs to the Fortune 50, enterprise-level architectural design and implementation, data onboarding, dashboard development integration, and more.
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Conducive is a certified Information Management business partner and authorized reseller focused on information management, support, research and development, and product management.


Meet our team of talented technicians dedicated to helping you get more out of your data with Splunk at your fingertips. We're passionate about overcoming obstacles and venturing into new terrain, one industry at a time.

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Randy Hammelman

President and Founder

Enrico Fantozzi 1-1 Enrico Fantozzi 2-1

Enrico Fantozzi

Chief Operating Officer and Partner

Brian Schutz 1-1 Brian Schutz 2-1

Brian Schutz

Senior Splunk Consultant

Andres Banuelos 1-1 Andres Banuelos 2-1

Andres Banuelos

Senior Splunk Consultant

Headshot of Alex Stahl-1 Headshot of Alex Stahl-1

Alex Stahl

Senior Splunk Consultant

Headshot of Josh Repko-1 Headshot of Josh Repko

Josh Repko

Splunk Consultant


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