We create intelligent orgs

When you hire us you’re getting world class consulting services, but to us that’s just where the project engagement process starts. We love helping our customers discover insights from their data that they didn’t even know were possible. To do that we dig into your business with the goal of knowing almost as much about it as you do. Our true mastery is our deep understanding of big data, and we’ll use that to help you harness the power of your data to achieve great results. Throughout the process we provide onsite resources when you need them most so you build a relationship with our developers. That way you always know who to call when you have a question.

The services we offer include:

Installing and configuring Splunk Enterprise

Whether you want to deploy locally or to the cloud, we provide architecture expertise to ensure your environment is designed with best practices in mind and will be ready to scale when you need it to. We’ll walk your team through the various Splunk features and make sure they understand how to make your data sing.

Upgrading Splunk

If you’re already using Splunk, we’ll work with you to determine what upgrade approach will be best for you. We’ll create a comprehensive analysis of your current environment and map that to new features, including reviewing potential business use cases to take advantage of the latest Splunk capabilities. Once the upgrade is complete, it will be validated so you can have confidence that you’re still getting the most out of your data.

Onboard data sources

Splunk can collect and index machine data from nearly any source, format, or location all in real time. We will guide you through preparing your data to maximize searches and business insights. By identifying, naming, and tagging fields and data points we’ll show you how to quickly get value from your machine data.

Configure search head and indexer clustering

Properly configuring these critical Splunk instances is the key to scaling your deployment. Our expertise will ensure that your data is always available, with no single point of failure, and has the capacity to grow as users and data sources are added.

Create searches and dashboards customized to your data

Search is where unlocking your data’s potential begins. Starting with the questions you need to answer, we’ll craft custom searches that will allow you to respond to events as they occur, detect patterns, and correlate insights across multiple data sets.

We’ll expand the standard out-of-the-box visualizations to create personalized dashboards for all the users in your organization that meet their specific needs, whether they’re managers, business and security analysts, auditors, developers, or operations teams.

Performance tuning

Optimize your Splunk instances by making sure they’re configured in the most efficient way possible. Some of the things we can fine tune: pivots to return results faster, timestamp recognition for better indexing, searches for better efficiency, and much more.

Health check

Our in-house health check process can validate that your Splunk deployment is running at peak efficiency.


Want to learn more about Splunk? We’d love to chat about the intricacies of the platform and how it can be used to get the most out of your machine data. Getting started with Splunk is easy, taking advantage of its full power takes expertise. We love to learn and teaching uncovers new areas we can master.

Splunk apps and services

We can also help you install and configure the following:

  • Splunk Enterprise Security
  • Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)
  • Apps and add-on available from Splunkbase

To talk to us about whether your situation fits into one of the categories listed above, or is a new challenge we can help you meet, reach out to us.