What are On-Demand Expert Services?

Splunk On-Demand Expert Services (OES), bridges the gap between Splunk support and Splunk Professional Services. OES is similar to Splunk Professional Services, but consumed hourly, as needed, and fulfilled with the same level of talent.

How do Splunk On-Demand Expert Services work?

Purchase a block of time to be used, as needed, to support your admin with our Splunk expertise. Contact us when you have a question or need help with Splunk. We spend as little or as much time required to resolve the issue. Unlike Splunk Professional Services, Splunk OES does not require booking week-long engagements in advance.

Why not use Splunk support?

Splunk support is great, but they can only assist with Splunk defects and the occasional configuration issues. Splunk support can not fix a search, resolve issues with a Splunk app, or perform professional services. Splunk On-Demand Expert Services will help with anything related to Splunk, and is delivered as needed.

Contact us via email or call 512-551-0660.

What is the difference between Splunk On-Demand Expert Services and Splunk Professional Services?

Instead of signing a Splunk Professional Services contract with deliverables and timelines, Splunk OES is designed to allow your admin to reach out to us at any time for assistance. All of consultants are Splunk certified architects and most are Splunk SCC II certified.

How are other customers using Splunk On-Demand Expert Services?

Our customers are using Splunk On-Demand Expert Services when they have technical questions, run into problems or require assistance with a Splunk task. Some examples are:

  • Splunk searches
  • Dashboards
  • System issues
  • Architecture questions
  • Configuration changes
  • Performance issues
  • Splunk apps

Contact Conducive today to learn more about our Splunk On-Demand Expert Services. Our Splunk Certified Architects are here to help.