Case Study

Conducive Case Study: Middlesex Hospital


Middlesex Hospital is a non-profit, acute care community hospital in Middletown, Connecticut. The Hospital provides inpatient medical, surgical and emergency services, as well as outpatient care, surgical services, urgent care, and a network of primary care offices. The hospital employs over 3,100 people and has 381 active medical staff, 77 courtesy medical staff, and 142 allied health professionals. 

The organization was initially using Splunk as a mere investigate tool, achieving suboptimal results until they were introduced to Conducive.


Conducive came in, ran a full diagnostic discovery process, and ultimately implemented the following:

  • Cleaned up their Splunk instance
  • Installed a Compliance Monitoring Solution on Splunk to ensure that the Healthcare compliance team can monitor inappropriate patient record access.
  • Installed Enterprise Security to ensure that the customer has a comprehensive view of their Security landscape.
  • Continuous and ongoing Splunk support across the enterprise.


Along with monitoring network operations, Middlesex Hospital now uses Splunk to efficiently and effectively audit electronic medical records to satisfy compliance across their organization.