Desktop Virtualization Management

Ensure High-Quality User Experience for Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Business Challenge

Remember the days of IT admins invading offices and shooing away employees when it’s time to make updates or troubleshoot issues? With the dawn of desktop virtualization, not only can upgrades and patches be made from one central location; there’s also less risk of hackers and other breaches of security. But challenges definitely remain: Desktop virtualization relies on so many distributed software and hardware components—desktops, network, database servers, profile servers, myriad applications, etc.—that if any one of these components experiences failure, your users will likely know it.


In order to ensure a high-quality, consistent user experience, admins need a more comprehensive view into user sessions and the ability to identify root causes when performance issues arise. Splunk® apps for desktop virtualization combine the power and flexibility of Splunk with a tailored experience for desktop virtualization technologies. These apps integrate with the various components of your VDI infrastructure to offer real-time visibility and reporting, allowing you to pinpoint user issues by correlating them to the correct operating system, application or resource and proactively identify issues before they affect user experience or system performance.

Business Impact

Conducive implements Splunk apps for desktop server virtualization to give you greater visibility into performance metrics, user issues and trends, and anomalies while indexing data. With these apps, you get both the trees and the forest: They not only allow you to get granular to identify issues and failures; they also provide analysis on real-time and historical data in order to manage and optimize the health of your virtual infrastructure:

Get granular performance metrics and insight into workloads, changes and events across your VDI.

Troubleshoot user issues with complete context into performance, processes and errors.

Identify performance issues and bottlenecks before they impact user experience.

Monitor desktop configurations and track changes over time.

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