Splunk Partnership

Big Data Analytics

Companies generate massive amounts of machine-generated data every second. These files contain a definitive record of all behaviors that occur not only within a company but also the machines themselves. This data is unstructured and unpredictable which makes it a challenge to decipher.

Splunk was designed to specifically handle these challenges and effectively organize and extract important data from each diverse source. Combined with Conducive’s expertise in system analysis and implementation, our clients gain operational intelligence that influences smarter business decisions to lower costs and increase their ROI.

Conducive has four in-house certified Splunk Architects who thrive on tackling complex, challenging projects in various industries such as health care, insurance, government, telecom, finance, technology and retail. Our approach to systems integration not only takes into consideration your immediate needs, but delivers systematic functionality by assessing the effectiveness of the network as a whole. Because of this we can guarantee intelligent, beneficial solutions that are timely and cost effective.

  • Solution Delivery
    • Architecture
    • Implementation
    • Go Live Support
  • Use Case Development
    • Extract more value from your existing data and operating environments
    • Expand your real-time operational and business intelligence to create a competitive advantage
    • Increase your total ROI from IT investments
  • Splunk Apps
    • Initiate MDM Monitoring App
    • Semiconductor Analytics App (beta)
    • HL7 Transport (beta)
  • Training and Guidance
    • Targeted technical training
    • Technical mentorship and solution review

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