We are experts in solving big data challenges for organizations in high-tech, financial services, healthcare, government and more. Conducive is a Splunk® Services Partner. We have years of experience helping our clients get the best return from their data assets by leveraging the following products:

Splunk Enterprise software collects, monitors, indexes and analyzes the machine data generated by IT applications and infrastructure—physical, virtual and in the cloud. As a Splunk premier partner, Conducive can help you maximize Splunk’s power to make your machine data accessible, usable and valuable.

IBM® – Conducive is a certified Information Management business partner and authorized reseller. Along with a group of talented ex-IBM consultants on staff, we have strong relationships within the Information Management group including Services, Support, Research and Development, and Product Management.

Conducive recommends Cyphon by Dunbar Security Solutions for mid-sized and small organizations. For world-class defense we recommend integrating your SIEM with our 24x7 SOC.

EMPI App for Splunk by Conducive

Conducive’s EMPI App for Splunk-Initiate Edition offers the tools healthcare organizations need to monitor success rates and historical data, and troubleshoot performance issues and bottlenecks.

HL7 App for Splunk by Conducive

Conducive’s HL7 app for Splunk allows healthcare organizations to build a single and accurate view of patient and provider messages across the entire healthcare infrastructure.

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