The burgeoning volume of “Big Data”—machine data generated by applications, servers, network devices, security devices and remote infrastructure—presents an enormous opportunity for IT and business analysts. Interpreted and leveraged correctly, the massive streams of data allow organizations to resolve issues, understand customer behavior and patterns, and make business decisions faster and more effectively than their competition.

Splunk® Enterprise™ software collects, monitors, indexes and analyzes the machine data generated by IT applications and infrastructure—physical, virtual and in the cloud. As a Splunk premier partner, Conducive can help you maximize Splunk’s power to make your machine data accessible, usable and valuable.

One software, so many uses

Splunk can both handle massive volumes of data across your entire infrastructure and also allow you to drill down to analyze specific types of data with real-time custom dashboards. The following are just some of the ways industry leaders are leveraging Splunk to make better business decisions and increase ROI.

Application Management

Only Splunk can index data from all technologies and every component of your infrastructure—physical, virtual and in the cloud—integrating it into insights you can actually use for business-level decisions. It allows you to get the whole picture fast: performance analytics, troubleshooting insights and proactive issue detection. Read more >

Splunk offers developers simple, effective ways to quickly trace bugs and errors at any layer of the infrastructure, allowing applications to log for standard debug activities as well as more “semantic” events (such as clicks, user ids, cell phone connections, etc.). And with its powerful search language, Splunk allows you to analyze that semantic data to gain valuable insights into user trends and feature adoption. Read more >

Business Analytics

Splunk is an integrated solution that provides a unified way of organizing and extracting data from websites, business applications, social media platforms, hypervisors, sensors, traditional and open-source databases, etc. It then allows you to search, report and analyze these big hunks of data, no matter where it came from or how unstructured it is. Read more >

The volume and diversity of data ushered in by new customer behavior (mobile, web, social media, etc.) is mind-boggling. Splunk allows organizations to collect and analyze data across all digital channels, bridging the gap between client-side and server-side data to get deep insight into customer behavior, feature adoption and product performance in real time. Read more >

IT Operations Management

Splunk offers organizations of any size a scalable, flexible monitoring solution that spans your entire infrastructure, including servers, storage and networks. It allows you to proactively monitor server performance; gain comprehensive visibility into your storage infrastructure; and meet complex critical network SLAs and security requirements. Read more >

Splunk apps for server virtualization speed the collection of data from the virtual infrastructure, which can then be integrated with data from other infrastructure systems such as storage, networking, applications and operating systems. This allows IT managers to proactively prevent and manage performance problems, and get real-time analytics of performance, resource consumption and inventory. Read more >

Splunk apps for desktop virtualization integrate with the various components of your VDI to offer real-time visibility and reporting, allowing you to pinpoint user issues by correlating them to the correct operating system, application or resource and proactively identify issues before they affect user experience or system performance. Read more >


With its powerful search capabilities, the Splunk app for Enterprise Security watches for hard-to-detect patterns of malicious activity that traditional security systems simply can’t see. The app organizes data into specific security domains while collecting data from traditional security architectures automatically; it then delivers that data into real-time dashboards, allowing security professionals to quickly detect and understand the end-to-end implications of a security event. Read more >

Using a single, centralized dashboard, Splunk automatically indexes all data sources, including multi-line application logs, databases and networks. Searching across the entire IT infrastructure provides a context that, coupled with powerful search and analysis, makes detecting security threats simple. Read more >

Microsoft Solutions

The Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange brings a new level of visibility into the messaging infrastructure, offering operations dashboards that allow you to see availability, performance metrics and detailed systems information; sophisticated tracking, including segmentable breakdowns of inbound, outbound and internal message flow; insights into client behavior, including access methods, types of OS, browsers, location; and capacity planning data, such as message volume and average mailbox sizes. Read more >

The Splunk App for Active Directory allows IT admins to get real-time operational insight into their Active Directory Forest, offering critical compliance and auditing information features that track activity from root domains to the individual objects in a site. Administrators can use the information gleaned to quickly pinpoint problems, identify security breaches and meet compliance requirements. Read more >

The Splunk App for Windows pinpoints performance issues that impact all layers of your Windows environment. With pre-built searches, reports and dashboards, the app allows you to monitor your Microsoft Windows Server in real time; troubleshoot and resolve issues faster to avoid escalations; and manage your Windows, Unix and Linux environments from a single, integrated point of view. Read more >