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Cybersecurity for State and Local Governments and Education. How to Get What You Need…but NOT Pay for More


Cybersecurity for State and Local Governments and Education. How to Get What You Need…but NOT Pay for More

Every day, hackers from across the globe work tirelessly to find vulnerabilities in today’s most susceptible targets: state and local governments and educational institutions. SLED organizations may not be the most lucrative prey for criminals, but they typically have two things in common:

  • Disrupting them can create significant disorder across a community or society
  • Their budgets cannot support the top-tier cyber defense of the federal government or large corporations

The headlines parade on almost monotonously. Foreign governments hack multiple states. Ransomware attacks hit school districts, imperiling personal data and creating havoc. Criminals gain access to towns and cities, shutting down services and costing up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per incident.

If you’re a SLED organization, you know the dilemma. You need to use cutting edge technology. You need to protect yourself against sophisticated bad actors whose sole mission is to breach your defenses. But you don’t have a huge budget to spend on round-the-clock support from top-tier cybersecurity pros.

The good news: You can protect yourself without breaking the bank.

How? By paying for the protection you need, not more. Some organizations have been convinced that they require a 24/7/365 on-call cybersecurity professional to monitor and handle intrusions. Not so.

Some business or federal government clients may need that, but most SLED customers don’t. They may want immediate support and collaboration during the duty day while their own employees are working, but may not need it during off hours.

Aren’t the off hours—nights, weekends, and holidays—when cyber crooks are most likely to try to breach our defenses? Sure, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay high prices for full-time security during those periods. Instead, let artificial intelligence take the reins.

That’s what Conducive does. With Conducive-enabled cybersecurity, easy-to-use tools surround your systems with virtual tripwires. When a hacker attempts a breach, your system automatically shuts down access to sensitive parts. Fail-safe mechanisms work to secure your data and processes before bad actors can do any damage. All without a human being touching a computer.

Conducive-enabled cybersecurity protocols will alert you and us to the event and inform us of the actions taken, but won’t require us to do a thing right away. Your precious virtual resources have been secured by an always-on virtual security guard.

The event logs are waiting for you and us both when we get in the next workday. Knowing that your system handled the emergency immediately and thoroughly, our experts perform the necessary forensics to identify the vulnerability, prevent its repeat, and inform law enforcement.

If that sounds worth investigating more, then let’s talk. At Conducive, we take something complex like cybersecurity and put it into real English that non-tech folks can understand. Talk with a partner who understands the technology, but focuses on the real-world problems you face. Your big-picture concerns become our concerns.

We craft the solution with the functionality you need… the security to meet today’s threat environment…and a price you can afford. Contact us now for a free evaluation.