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Think Splunk is Pricey? THIS is even MORE Expensive!


Think Splunk is Pricey? THIS is even MORE Expensive!
What’s more expensive than Splunk, you ask? Easy answer: NOT having Splunk.

The relevant question is not How much does it cost? It’s What’s the return on my investment? 

Companies who already use Splunk know its benefits: an end-to-end, all-in-one, customizable, scalable capability to explore, track, analyze, and visualize your data. Ad folks sling superlatives with abandon, but Splunk is the rare case where a word like peerless really fits. Those who use it know that Splunk simply has no equal.

But some know Splunk’s value and still question its price tag. Understandable – and good business sense.
In our experience, we’ve found that adopting Splunk is like graduating from horse and buggy to a high-performance sports car. It’s simply that powerful…and that valuable. 

(Some folks will always stay with the horse and buggy. But that’s not you!) 

If you’re looking to supercharge your business with Splunk, there are two main approaches. First, you can do it yourself on the cheap. Just like assembling a car, you buy the parts individually and assemble them on your own. It’s cheaper, sure, but takes lots more time and distracts your personnel from their essential missions. A do-it-yourself approach also introduces concerns about how to upgrade and scale, as well as nagging worries that you may not have covered all the bases a specialist would. (Does our accretion of bolt-on software really get us what we want? Does it leave security vulnerabilities we’ll regret later? Does Splunk Answers give us confidence that we did it right?) And then there’s the added requirement to recruit, hire, train, and maintain Splunk-certified experts to not only set the platform up but to keep it humming.

A second approach: hire experts who do that work all the time. People who assemble and fine-tune high-performance engines day-in, day-out. They do it right the first time, on the timeline you need. A bit more expensive, sure…but way worth it in comparison.

That’s what we do at Conducive. We do Splunk every day, all day—and can scale to your precise need when you need it. We specialize in helping companies increase productivity, respond to market changes faster, and sharpen their competitive edge. When we help clients institute, maintain, and use Splunk at its highest level, they capitalize on opportunities, make better data-informed decisions, and reduce the data-linked risks in running their business. 

With Conducive-enabled Splunk, you stop seeing tech as just another cost – and begin seeing it as a profit center.

Coming to that conclusion requires coordination. Many CTOs and CSOs are familiar enough with Splunk to understand it already. But CFOs, COOs, and CEOs may not yet consider this discussion central to their areas…even though it very much is. 

We’re experts in explaining the value of Splunk, its applications to your company, and the difference its expert setup and management makes. No matter where you are in your Splunk journey, let’s talk about how to synch your C-suite on what it can mean for your organization. 

Interested in Splunk staffing? Stay tuned! An upcoming white paper will answer your questions about how to address HR challenges in one of the world’s most-in-demand skills.