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Splunk® App for Microsoft Exchange

Get End-to-End Visibility into Your Entire Messaging Infrastructure
Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange

Business Challenge

It goes without saying that seamless email operation is not just a “nice-to-have” for any sized organization. Availability and uptime is absolutely critical for efficient business operations, client and customer service, and protection against security breaches. Traditional email management tools aren’t capable of “seeing” all aspects of a messaging service, focusing only on meeting the needs of a single product. And because most messaging infrastructures consist of multiple technologies spread across multiple departments, monitoring and managing the entire system is critical to support always-on availability.


The Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange brings a new level of visibility into the messaging infrastructure for IT professionals. It offers end-to-end monitoring features such as:

  • Operations dashboards that let you see server and service availability, performance metrics, detailed systems information and more
  • Sophisticated tracking, including breakdowns of inbound, outbound, and internal message flow, all segmentable
  • Insights into client behavior—including access methods, types of OS, browsers, location—which can be used to track user trends
  • Capacity planning data, such as message volume, user counts and average mailbox sizes

Business Impact

Conducive recommends the Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange, the most complete and accessible tool for Microsoft Exchange available. Used in combination with Splunk for Enterprise, the Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange gathers log files, performance metrics, and Powershell data from Microsoft Exchange and all of its related components, allowing you to:

Identify issues quickly for maximum uptime.
See trends, usage patterns to track capacity and anticipate attacks.
Ensure a solid sender reputation.

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