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Our expertise, your data

From application and IT operations management to business analytics, security, and more, Conducive has helped some of the leading brands in the world increase efficiencies. We have years of experience helping our clients get the best return from their data assets through our mastery of the most proven and powerful data technologies. Our highly skilled consultants bring their expertise and commitment to your project, from strategy and implementation to project management and training.

Knowledge is power

We don’t just know today’s technology, our thirst for learning drives us to always strive to be better. Whether that’s digging into the latest features of Splunk or focusing on your unique business challenges to help you maximize your returns. Knowledge is at the center of every effort.

Relationships are important to us

We’re deeply committed to our partnerships with product vendors and other solution providers. That commitment helps us ensure you meet your goals and see a quick return on your investment.

Building Splunk Solutions

Conducive’s Brian Schutz is co-author of Building Splunk Solutions .conf2015 edition!

Along with monitoring network operations, Middlesex Hospital uses Splunk to efficiently audit electronic medical records to satisfy compliance. Find out how Conducive helped Middlesex Hospital with a real-time platform for Operational Intelligence using Splunk.