Leadership Team

Randy Hammelman

President and Founder

Randy created Conducive Consulting after working in a range of IT organizations to address the need for excellence in consulting services. After starting Conducive and establishing a stellar reputation and solid relationships with several Fortune 500 companies, Randy began to collect a dream team of consultants—the most talented individuals with that rare combination of extensive experience and great personalities. With his technical knowledge and keen eye for quality, Randy constantly researches new technologies to offer the best tools to his team and his clients.

Photo of Rico Fantozzi

Rico Fantozzi


Bio to come.


Photo of Alex Stahl Coming Soon

Alex Stahl

Senior Splunk Consultant

With a career incepted during the first dot-com boom, Alex Stahl is an experienced consultant with a wide range of skills in IT and software development earned through a variety of industry-leading clients. His Splunk experience includes Fortune 500 financial, retail, healthcare, and public sector clients, with an emphasis on enterprise security and data analytics. He has published or contributed to multiple apps on Splunkbase, and brings a wealth of technical and best practice knowledge to every engagement.


Photo of Brian Schutz

Brian Schutz

Senior Splunk Consultant

Brian is a versatile engineer with over eleven years of consulting experience. With his in-depth understanding of Splunk and extensive knowledge of software platforms and coding languages, Brian provides customers with comprehensive solutions. He has completed dozens Enterprise Security integrations and complex dashboards and searching including Splunk Web Framework. Brian has been a Splunk PS Consultant since 2013 and co-wrote “Building Splunk Solutions (Second Edition): Splunk Developer Guide.”

Photo of Andres Banuelos

Andres Banuelos

Senior Splunk Consultant

Andres is a highly skilled technology services consultant who is focused completely on Splunk services. Andres has worked with a variety of clients in the healthcare, financial and retail sectors. Andres is thorough and exacting, making sure that every part of a deployment or solution works optimally. Andres holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from The University of Texas at Austin. Hook ‘em!

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If your business is working with Big Data, Splunk will help you navigate and find the information you need easily and efficiently.

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