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Don’t Take This Personal, But…


Don’t Take This Personal, But…

But what? EVERYTHING’s personal. Your IT is no different—it’s not one-size-fits-all, but tailored to you, your organization, and the way you work.

No organization is the same. No IT solution is, either. At Conducive, we recognize that. It’s crucial to how we operate.

For example, we work with Splunk, which we consider the best platform for unified security and observability. Why? It simply performs best for any organization to foster business resilience. Here are five reasons why:

  • Its unified platform works on data from practically anywhere (in the cloud with multiple cloud providers, on-prem, on the edge) with the deployment model that works best for you, ranging from SaaS to on-prem, physically isolated environments.
  • Because it’s pervasive across use cases, Splunk collects across all your data sources and uses common tools to see, manage, and fix problems.
  • The Splunk platform extends to support a dizzying variety of use cases, including commercial applications from the partner ecosystem, apps from the wider community, and custom-built apps.
  • Splunk advocates open data flow and storage. Keeping data portable means you’re not locked into one solution, freeing you to better solutions and lower costs.
  • It delivers powerful search performance at scale. Splunk currently fulfills the observability and security needs of some of the largest companies in the world, ingesting petabytes of data through cloud sources and conducting 8 billion searches a month, across a million active users.

In other words, no matter what your needs, Splunk fits them. It’s personal.

And it’s continuing to develop. Splunk engineers aren’t just sitting on a great product expecting it to stay great—they’re continuing to make the best even better. For example, Splunk recently announced Observability Cloud and Mission Control:

  • Observability Cloud provides always-on contextualization and correlation to catch inconsistencies quickly, before they become disasters. It can include app performance, infrastructure, and real user monitoring, incident intelligence, and more.
  • Mission Control allows cybersecurity specialists to quickly find, investigate, triage, and defend against threats from single, unified work surface. It also automates time-consuming manual processes to make them both more efficient and less prone to error.

And it’s not just those. Splunkers listen to real people like you and me from real organizations like ours to constantly update and improve the platform we rely on.

All of this to say: it’s all personal. It comes down to you, your data, your organization.

If you have Splunk, you might know all this…but you might still have challenges with it. In our years of experience working with Splunk, we’ve found organizations’ main issue with Splunk isn’t Splunk itself. It’s having staff that’s stretched too thin to maintain the system and stay current with best practices.

Take healthcare giant Vizient, for example, who says, “Conducive has actively supplemented Splunk services where our team is short of resources, as well as provided expertise and in-depth knowledge.”

If that’s your challenge, give us a call. Our specialty is making Splunk work for you. We understand the tech…and we’ll understand you. Conducive’s personalized, ongoing support combines tech skills with something just as important: people skills

We look forward to talking with you about your Splunk journey—whether it’s in progress or just beginning.

If you’ve got Splunk, you’ve already got the best. Let's chat about how we can make the best better for you.

If you don’t have Splunk, but this sounds interesting, let's talk. Conducive is a premier-level reseller. That means we have big discounts other customers don’t see, and we can pass those savings on to you. Again, let's chat!